Hi, my name’s Josh and welcome to dhcp.sucks

After three years working in cybersecurity startups in Edinburgh, picking up all kinds of knowledge and a wild variety of skills, I thought it was a good time so start up a website/blog.

I’m hoping it’ll help me get a whole load of jumbled nonsense out of my head, and showcase some project ideas; plus, there’s nothing wrong with a bit of shameless self-promotion… 🙄

All going well, I’ll end up making a fool of myself in the following areas:

  • Linux sysadmin type stuff - I’m out of the Windows game now violently knocks on wood
  • ‘DevOps’, Cloud and Systems Engineering type stuff - my actual day job at the mo’
  • General Cybersecurity/Pentesting/Forensics type stuff
  • Music Composition/Audio Production

Feel free to hit me up on twitter - jishf